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A small and beautiful town located in Himachal Pradesh in India, Kasauli was developed by the British Raj. Endowed with lush greenery and blessed with magnificent hilly terrain, this slice of paradise remains one of the favourite destinations for any travel enthusiast. With beauty at its epitome, Kasauli lets you experience its breath taking splendour.

Day When to visit

Though Kasauli attracts flock of tourists throughout the year, yet the destination is at its place between the months of April and November. You can book the opulent hotels to loosen up in the lap of nature.

Places to visit:

Monkey Point or Man-ki Point
Sunset Point

One of the prime attractions of Kasauli, this highest point carries mythological significance. It’s believed that Lord Hanuman’s divine foot touched the hill while returning from the Himalayas.

It is a beautiful place to experience the breathtaking view of the sunrise. Formerly known as Hawa Ghar, Sunrise Point is located on lower mall and lets you view the un-obscured sunrise.

Kasauli Christ Church
Kasauli Brewery

With a beautiful edifice, this church is located in close proximity to Sadar Bazaar. It’s often referred to a unique rendition of British era.

Founded in 1820s, it is the oldest existing distillery famous for brewing Scotch whisky.

Lower Mall
Upper Mall

Located on a descending gradient, Lower Mall offers you a beautiful 3km walk up to Monkey point. You get to indulge in the picture-perfect scenic views as well as view the historic buildings.

On an ascending gradient, Upper Mall lets you have a memorable 3.5km walk enabling you to appreciate its old heritage constructions and amazing scenic views.

Sunset Point
Kasauli Club

It’s a hard-to-miss spot while you tour around Kasauli. This place offers you moments that you would love to treasure.

Kasauli Club is one of the special attractions of Kasauli which was established by service personnel and civilians back in 1880.

Christ Church

Previously known as Anglican Church, Christ Church has been under the patronage of the Church of North India. You can witness the exclusive stained glass panes depicting Mary, Christ, Saint Francis and Saint Barnabas.


You can experience a range of activities in Kasauli at affordable price.

Nature Walks

For the nature-enthusiasts, Kasauli happens to be a picturesque area for getting drenched in scenic views.


For the adventure-freaks, this location sports some of the exciting trekking routes like trekking from Kasauli to Jabli and Garkhal.


One of the most popular adventure activities, Paragliding lets you experience the aerial views of the beauty.


Sites like Dagshai offers camping facilities letting you relax in the lap of nature.

How to reach

Kasauli is convenient to reach by road, rail and air.

Buses and taxis play frequently from Delhi and Chandigarh to Kasauli. While you drive from Delhi, you can reach this hilly cantonment via Ambala and Sonepar. On the way, you would come across Zirakpur and Dharampur. A narrow hill path from Dharampur trails to Kasauli.

The closest railhead is Kalka (40km).

The nearest airport is at Shimla (35km). You can reach Kasauli from the airplane terminals at Dehradun (181km) and Chandigarh (65km).

You can avail the affordable and convenient tour package to this town from Ludhiana, Chandigarh (65 km), New Delhi, Ambala (94 km), Shimla (77km) and Faridabad.

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