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Kovalam is a popular beach destination situated in Thiruvananthapuram city in state of Kerala, India. Basically Kovalam is a beach town and is around 16 kilometers from the city hub. Surrounded by coconut trees, the place is true to its name as Kovalam means a grove of coconut trees. Kovalam has a vast coastline of about 17 kilometers and it is separated by three beaches; all of these together form what is popularly referred to as the Kovalam crescent. The 3 beaches which form this crescent are the Lighthouse beach, Hawah beach and the Samudra beach.

Day When to visit

The fact that it is a beach town and is surrounded by beaches make it a place suitable to be visited all through the year. The temperatures are moderate and pleasant. However, the essence of Kovalam can be best captured in the months from September to March. As it is the winter season, it is cool and it gets very exciting and enchanting for tourists to be here. Days are sunny and bright and the cool breeze in the evenings are an experience to be cherished.

Places to visit:

Kovalam has the three mesmerizing beaches to call its pride. Lighthouse beach being situated at the southernmost point among all the three beaches, is the most visited beach. The name Lighthouse comes to it because of the old Vizhinjam lighthouse which is situated here. Next is the Hawah beach. It comes a close second to the Lighthouse beach in terms of tourist frequency. It has a buzzing energy of the fisherman who set out for fishing from here. However, the beauty of this beach is as ethereal as it can be. Like Lighthouse, this beach too has a high rock promontory which is frequented by the tourists. The third on the list is the Samudra beach. Unlike its southern counterparts, namely Lighthouse and Hawah, this is a bit less visited by the tourists. This beach is more for the fishermen coming here for their business.

Apart from these, there are other highlights for the tourists like the old temples and churches. All these are located at the seas port of Vizhinjam which is nearly 3 kilometers away from Kovalam.


The beaches here, are not only beautiful but also at some points have shallow waters. This makes them an ideal place for swimming. Besides, the tourists have a hosts of shops locally which offer all kinds of goods and services. Kovalam also has some amazing Ayurvedic salons which offer great services and which are a subject of fascination for the foreign tourists.

How to reach

There are various travel options for the tourists when it comes to traveliing to Kovalam. One can take an air travel to Trivandrum International Airport which is 15 kilometers from here. If taking a train, then you get off at the Trivandrum Central railway station which is 15 kilometers and the nearest railway station from Kovalam. The last but not the least, is the option of taking a bus. Being well-connected to a major city like Trivandrum, Kovalam has a host of buses ferrying to and from here.

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