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Kumarakom is a beautiful place in the state of Kerala, India. It lies around 16 kilometers away from the popular city of Kottayam. Kumarakom is majorly famous for its backwaters. Kerala already has a lot of other places which are very sought after by tourists visiting it through out the year. Kumarakom, therefore, has an added advantage of being a city frequently visited as it lies in Kerala. With a lot of greenery and because of the backwaters, Kumarakom notches up to being a place very popular with the tourists not only across India, but also across the globe. No wonder, the beauty of Kumarakom makes it a very desired destination for honeymoon couples and also for family outings alike.

When To Visit

The best time to visit Kumarakom would be from November to February as that is the time when the temperature takes a dip. It is close to 18 degrees and thus, it makes the best time to be there. Though summers can be a bit hot, Kumarakom is still frequented by people because of its lovely backdrop. Also, there are various tour packages carried out for the tourists so that they can get an insight into the beauty of the place.

Places to visit:

Kumarakom has a lot to offer when it comes to the places one should visit when one is there. Mainly because of its backwaters at Vembanad lake, Kumarakom has a lot of house-boats one could enjoy staying in. Also, as there people here belonging to various religions, there are mosques, churches and temples. Speaking of mosques, one can visit Thazhathangady Juma Masjid, which is about a 1000 year old. For bird lovers, there is a bird sanctuary which can be reached by canoes. Though it takes about two hours in canoes, it can be another great experience one can look forward to. The timing to visit the sanctuary is from 6 a.m. to 6 p.m.

Taj garden Retreat, which takes pride in being the first modern hotel for the tourists is also a hot destination sought by the tourists. It was built by the Baker family about a 100 years ago.


Being at Kumarakom, enjoying the commutes by the canoes and small boats is unavoidable. Boating along the greenery in the cool winter days can be very exciting and an unforgettable experience. Besides, Kumarakom is famous for its boat races which take place around the same time as Onam. As many as 1000 oarsmen participate in the race. The Sree Narayana Ever Rolling Trophy is the prize the winner is awarded with. This is also one of the best tourist attractions at Kumarakom.

How to reach

One can take either of the routes to reach Kumarakom: by air, by road, by rail or by boat. It is 80 kilometers from Cochin International airport. One can reach by rail via Kottayam, by boat from Muhamma to Kumarakom jetty. If one take the road route, then there are plenty of KSRTC buses and taxis which are also a very convenient option and available through the day.

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